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Rumi and Iqbal: Divine Love

29 Jun 2024

15:00 - 16:00

The Alhambra Theatre

Join Ustadh Feraidoon Mojadedi, one of the best-known and most respected community leaders and academics in the Bay Area, California, as he guides us on a journey of spiritual enlightenment through the profound contributions of two remarkable poets, Rumi and Iqbal.

At the age of five, Mojadedi began to memorise poems by Rumi and other great poets. His love of poetry continued to grow and eventually developed into a passion and calling that would allow him to teach regular classes on Rumi throughout California, the US, UK, Canada,Australia, Malaysia, Germany and even as far as Konya, Turkey, where Mawlana Rumi is laid to rest.

Despite emerging in vastly different historical contexts, both Rumi and Iqbal transcended their respective challenges by embracing the concept of Divine Love. Discover how their messages revolve around two central themes: self-discovery as a pathway to realising one's true potential, and the importance of connecting with God through this journey of introspection.

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The Alhambra Theatre

Morley Street, Bradford

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