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Boilerhouse Bassline Takeover

25 - 26 May 2024

21:00 - 02:00

Wallers Brewery

The Bradford 24 hour club scene, dates back just 25 years. The Boilerhouse crashed the scene, DJ Phat Fingerz and DJ Joe Q spun at the hippest parties in a very moist room. 

The Boilerhouse invited DJs from around the country, who lined up to play a live-steamy mix for the North of England club scene.

That project's popularity led to more, an introduction of sound clashes with the likes of Ecko records, Studiobeatz, introducing the likes of Big Ang, Danny Bond, Mark Howarth, Joe Hunt, Jamie Duggan, the list goes on and one.

The hallmark of a Boilerhouse session was, creativity in music selection and technical skill. Both its clubbers and guest DJs demanded surprises and proper set creation, bringing back DJ sets to the notion of a proper dance floor journey rather than a hit parade.

To this end the demand for, and temptation to ‘Bring back’ The Boilerhouse has been too great. So on the 25th May The Boilerhouse Returns at Wallers Bar, Sunbridge Wells.

We look at this as a return, not a reincarnation. So start getting ready, because the good times are waiting on the other side
‘The Boilerhouse, swimming against the mainstream’

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Final Release £15.10

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Wallers Brewery

Millergate, Bradford

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