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Being Muslim Today: Reclaiming Faith from Orthodoxy and Islamophobia

30 Jun 2024

13:15 - 14:15

University of Bradford

The truths of every religion are challenged and re-written, serving as ammunition for some of history’s most enduring debates. But perhaps no other religion suffers as much from the dualistic fallacy of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ as Islam.  

Orthodoxy’s interpretation is idyllic and omniscient, simplistic to a fault. Islamophobes, at the other extreme, cultivate stereotypes that are far from the reality. Being Muslim Today muffles the noise to give us a robust and honest take on Islam. 

Join author Saqib Qureshi for a frank discussion that confronts the stereotypes while encouraging Muslims to acknowledge the diversity of the Islamic tradition and accept that some things are simply unknowable. 

Please note, this venue has changed from the printed programme.

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University of Bradford

Richmond Road

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