Bradford Literature Festival | Talk

Art and Class: How the middle classes hijacked the nation’s galleries

30 Jun 2024

15:30 - 16:30

University of Bradford

Dive into a discussion about class, culture, and art in a conversation that promises to be as enlightening as it will be provocative. 

Step back into 1857, mill workers from the North of England embarked on an unprecedented journey to Manchester, witnessing the world’s most remarkable display of art. The Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition wasn't just another gallery showing; it was a monumental event that attracted over 1.3 million people, including royalty like Queen Victoria, cultural icons like Charles Dickens, and figures from all classes. 

Fast forward to today, where art galleries seem reserved for the upper and middle classes, with fewer than 8% of visitors from working class backgrounds. Why such a shift? What does it mean for our cultural landscape? 

Join author, David Kennedy, for an engaging talk as he explores these questions and more, drawing on his latest research from the book Art and Class: How the middle classes hijacked the nation’s galleries.  

Please note, this venue has changed from the printed programme.

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University of Bradford

Richmond Road

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