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William ‘Buckshot’ Forster and the Bradford Irish

1 Jul 2024

14:00 - 15:00

City Park

Join us for an enlightening talk from historian Aidan Enright delving into the intricate dynamics between the Bradford Irish community and William Edward Forster, the very person from whom Bradford Forster Square takes its name.

This deep dive will paint a vivid picture of the social landscape of the Bradford Irish, delve into the life and career of William Edward Forster and the pivotal role he played, and explore the intricate interplay between Forster, the volatile politics of Ireland, and the vibrant Bradford Irish community. Discover the alliances forged, conflicts navigated, and the lasting impact of these interactions on both local and national history.

Reflection Session

After the talk, join us for an optional reminiscence session of Bradford’s history and the Bradford Irish community, which offers a unique opportunity to share and celebrate your personal memories related to Bradford's storied past. Whether it's tales from your own experiences or stories passed down through generations, your contributions enrich our collective history.

So, we invite you to come share your stories and be part of Bradford's living history.

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City Park

City Park, Bradford

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