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Pictureville Presents: Queer Fear at The Studio

15 - 20 Jun 2024

17:30 - 20:00

The Studio

Pictureville is celebrating Pride Month with a collaboration with Yorkshire programmer Queer Fear, who was curated four iconic queer stories at The Studio in June.

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Rope (PG)
Screening Saturday 15 June 17.30
Hitchcock's claustrophobic 1948 classic has enjoyed recent reappraisal from thriller fans and queer audiences alike for a bold take on the Leopold and Loeb murder plot and an audacious ‘single-take’ set up.

Queer Fear Double Bill: Diabolique [1955] (12A)
Screening Thursday 20 June 17.30
Often regarded as the ‘French Hitchcock’, director Henri-Georges Clouzot terrified audiences with this cruel and startling 1955 thriller.

Queer Fear Double Bill: Bound [1996] (18)
Three years before The Matrix, the Wachowski sisters burst onto the scene with this pitch-perfect film that elevated the erotic thriller into a celebration of queer romance and desire

Ticket Information

General £8.50
Concessions £6.50

Venue Details

The Studio

Morley Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire,

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