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Kate Bottley in Conversation

2 Jul 2024

18:30 - 19:30

The Alhambra Theatre

The UK’s favourite vicar, Kate Bottley, returns to Bradford to share some life lessons (and lasagne, if you’re lucky). Her latest book, Have A Little Faith, is for everyone, whether you have faith or not yourself.

She’s sat on a lot of sofas, drank a lot of tea, and garnered a lot of wisdom from the wonderful people she’s met along the way. Whether you’re contemplating the big questions of life and death, dealing with confidence, conflict, or loneliness, Bottley is here to help you feel less alone, and equip you with the tools to ride the bumpy waves of life.

Whatever it is that you believe in, whatever it is that gives you hope, this evening promises to be a warm cup of tea for the heart and soul.

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General £7

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The Alhambra Theatre

Morley Street, Bradford

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