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Israel-Palestine: What Next?

29 Jun 2024

14:45 - 15:45

Midland Hotel

Engage in a critical discussion on the future of one of the world’s most enduring conflicts. 

In the tumultuous aftermath of World War II, the partition of Palestine aimed to create peaceful coexistence between Jewish and Arab states. Instead, decades of bitter conflict ensued and, with the ongoing crisis in Gaza, this vision appears more distant than ever. 

The two-state solution has been the longstanding goal of international efforts to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. However, it has faced significant challenges and obstacles. Is it still a viable option and, if not, what are the alternatives?  

Join our panellists as they explore the possibility of peace in a region long beset by seemingly intractable tensions. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into the prospects for peace and possible solutions ahead. 

Please note, this venue has changed from the printed programme.

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Midland Hotel

Cheapside, Bradford

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