All the World’s a Stage by Mike Higginbottom – Festival of Ideas

25 Aug 2024

19:00 - 20:30

Silsden Town Hall

This presentation surveys the evolution of theatre buildings from classical times, through the Elizabethan and Restoration periods to the heyday of the Victorian theatre and music hall, leading to the varied approaches of post-war architects to provide performance spaces that suit modern actors and audiences.

Every generation of theatre designers and performers has made the best possible use of up-to-date technology and materials to provide the public with memorable experiences of drama and entertainment. The amount of physical comfort provided would often be less than a modern audience would tolerate, yet surviving theatre buildings prove remarkably adaptable to current uses and expectations.

This talk is part of Silsden's Festival of Ideas, organised by Silsden Town Hall

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General £5.00

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Venue Details

Silsden Town Hall

Silsden Town Hall, Kirkgate
BD20 0AJ

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